Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Draft Richard Blumenthal

After closely monitoring the development of the Lieberman and Lamont campaigns over the past months, I have arrived at two firm, incontrovertible conclusions: we need to put a strong Democrat on the ballot this November and Lieberman and Lamont ain't it.

Lamont is a lightweight whose only qualification seems to be that he has the personal good fortune of having a good personal fortune. Oh, and he's not Lieberman--so make that two qualifications. The last time I checked, being a successful businessman hardly qualifies one to serve in the United States Senate. And there are plenty of people who aren't Lieberman. Not what I'd call a strong platform.

Lamont is a paper tiger candidate; tailor-made for the DFA crowd.

Which brings us to Liberman...

After Joe loses the election in November, most likely as an unaffiliated candidate, people will compare his story to that of Icarus. I'm not sure where the wings fit in exactly, just keep in mind the moral of the story has to do with hubris. Lieberman has violated the First Commandment of Incumbency: Thou Shall Not Screw Your Base. Actually, he qualifies as a repeat offender. Lieberman still draws on an inappropriately loyal base whose parochial concerns outweigh crazy fads like, human rights and civil liberties.

There's just something about Lieberman being a closet subscriber to the unitary executive theory that pretty much disqualifies him from ever being called a Democrat. Ever.

However, the importance of having the chance to elect a real Democrat this year cannot be overstated.

That is why I propose Richard Blumenthal as our Democratic candidate for United State Senate.

Attorney General Blumenthal is the progressive, true blue Democrat Connecticut needs to unify our party and lead it to victory in November. His proven record of leadership, vision and willingness to serve with Connecticut's best interest in mind, is exactly the kind of representation we need in Washington.

In the coming weeks let's share a dialogue about how we can initiate a movement to have Attorney General Richard Blumenthal emerge from the state convention as our endorsed Democratic candidate. He's a real Democrat with a real record of progress.

More to come.